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Spiral wound gasket production process and equipment

In the present seal, metal spiral wound gasket with excellent elasticity, high temperature, high pressure,low temperature and other characteristics, has become a very wide range of applied seal. Especially suitable for uneven loading, relaxation and easy access together, cyclical changes in temperature and pressure of the occasion, is the main flange gasket. In the petrochemical pipelines, mechanicalseals,shipbuilding,metallurgy, aerospace and other industries widely.

It is due to the importance of spiral Wound Gaskets, so its quality is good or bad for the sealing device has a great impact. If the gasket to poor quality, or even cause damage to the sealing device and operator hazards. Now domestic manufacturers of spiral wound gaskets generally poorly equipped, poor technology, spiral wound gasket relatively low level of production, the quality produced by the spiral wound gasket is not stable enough. In addition to equipment problems, as well as the structural parameters of spiral wound gasket is no uniform process parameters of research and analysis, most manufacturers are based on their experience to production, such as wrapping and packing with a flat strip width, strip forming the angle and width of no uniform requirements, these details of the problem is the appearance of spiral wound gaskets and quality reasons. In addition, the production of spiral wound gasket is not high degree of automation, manual operation is not only inefficient, difficult to guarantee quality gaskets, such as in the winding process, the pad width size, strip tension force and shear force were not automatically control, size, manual measurement, these factors seriously affected the gasket. With the rapid development of industry and the increasing requirements on the parameters of the increasing demand for high-quality spiral wound gasket, spiral wound gaskets of process parameters and equipment, it has very important significance.

Based on this, I optimized the optimum gasket and structural parameters, to develop the best technical standards, development and production of a special gasket CNC equipment, including cutting machine, winding machine, bending machine, Central , ring milling machine. Gasket in the core function of the process is winding, winding machine of our company high degree of automation, feed, size, strip tension force can be a dedicated controller through my company automatic control and display, large size can be Automatic welding and non-punch wound, production efficiency is greatly improved, while the production of high quality out of pads, in line with various standards, will be the future trend of the production of.At the same time as the market demand, the company will also upgrade equipment, such as automatic ejection.

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